ACRE’s woodshop is a 2000 square foot covered, outdoor area with a newly poured concrete floor, new electric, and lots of work tables & tools. It sits next to a gigantic lumber yard full of salvaged timbers and usable scraps from buildings demolished in Chicago and salvaged by Bob Samuelson, one of the owners of the farm. Many residents in the past have requested and been given access to this lumber (sometimes for a small fee). There are a number of hardware stores and a lumber yard in the nearby towns for purchasing additional wood and materials. The wood shop staff also facilitates other sculptural processes, such as mold making and casting. At least one volunteer technician is always available to advise and assist with use of the woodshop equipment. An orientation will be offered at the beginning of each session. It is highly recommended that you attend this orientation if you plan to work in the woodshop at all.

Equipment : drill press, table saws, band saw, miter saw, circular saws, hand saw, routers, grinders, belt sander, disk sander, air compressors, planer, lathe, chain saw, cordless drills, soldering supplies, wrenches, files, chisels. This is a simplified list of available tools, if you would like more specific information, please contact us.

For more information please email info@acreresidency.org

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