What’s Nearby

The surrounding communities reflect Wisconsin as a “purple state” with a wide range of ideologies, some of them differing from the artist centric communities that many of us at ACRE come from. Many of ACRE’s Alumni Staff and Volunteers have been to the area in years past and are familiar with these towns and some of the businesses, towns people, farmers, and nearby attractions. If you need to get supplies or are interested in seeing the towns we encourage a buddy system. If you don’t have access to a car Alumni Staff and Volunteers are available and happy to help with trips to town or can help arrange a ride to town with staff or other residents.


Steuben itself is an extremely small town (population 131) with a bars, two basketball hoops and a gazebo perfect for picnicking. You can buy soda, snacks at the bar. Cheese curds to go!


Boscobel is the next closest town and is about a 15-20 min drive from the lodge.
There are a few hardware stores, lumber yard and an educational/art supply store that carries very basic art supplies. There is also a fabric store and a couple of thrift stores. Also in Boscobel are gas stations, auto body shops, a pool, and some restaurants. Please note that if you will be needing any specialty items, you should bring it with you, as these are small towns with limited supplies.
Boscobel is the birthplace of The Gideon Bible, and home to Muskets & Memories, one of the largest civil war reenactment events in the Midwest. It is also the site of one of Wisconsin’s supermax prisons.
Gasser True Value Hardware 1704 Elm Street Boscobel, WI 53805
Krogens DoItBest 924 Wisconsin Avenue Boscobel, WI 53805-1530
Miller Pads and Paper 1507 Elm Street Boscobel, WI 53805-1915
A 15-20 minute drive in another direction,GAYS MILLS has a thrift store, a co-op grocery & more small businesses. Gays Mills is a bit more friendly to outsiders and has a hippie/back-to-the-land vibe.
Soldiers Grove“America’s first solar village” is just beyond Gays Mills.
Viroqua is a bit further, about 45 minutes away. Viroqua is a quite progressive town in rural Wisconsin, with a food co-op, awesome used book store, local coffee purveyor and a rock shop. Also in Viroqua is the Driftless Cafe, which was recently awarded a James Beard Award. Residents and staff often plan trips to Viroqua throughout each session.
Boscobel public pool
Gays Mills County Fair
About 30 minutes away by car is the Mississippi River town of Prarie Du Chien. It’s the biggest nearby town, and boasts such things as a Walmart, Riverboat Casino, and Mexican restaurant. Plus quite a few thrift stores.
If you travel off campus we encourage you to take a buddy and let a staff person or fellow resident know where you will be going. If you plan to go anywhere that is not listed below, you may want to run it by a staff person first. ACRE is not responsible for what takes place outside the residency property.

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