The computer lab has software to edit photo, sound & video. A super-fast, custom-built mac/windows/linux-capable computer with all sorts of video editing and 3D rendering tools is available for residents who sign up to use it. A small computer lab that is connected to the Internet is also available. A limited number of computers are available with a variety of software that can suit artists’ needs including Adobe softwares, Abelton, and various other audio editing softwares to experiment with tracks made in the recording studio and other audio files. If you intend to do a lot of work in the AV lab, you are encouraged to bring your own hard drive or other form of storage. There are a limited number of computers for use by residents. If you have a laptop you may want to plan to bring it.

ACRE’s space for electronics, physical computing and 3D prototyping, Art/Tech holds workshops on a variety of subjects that are designed to introduce newbies to electronics. For those with more experience, we try to provide a wide array of tools and equipment and can offer assistance with all kinds of projects. We stock all the common electronic components like resistors, capacitors, discrete transistors and commonly-used ICs.
Wireless Internet is available in some parts of the property including the a/v lab. However, please note that as we are located in a very rural area, internet can be slow and spotty at times, especially when being heavily used. There may be times when it is not working at all. We encourage residents to turn off their cell phones or switch to airplane mode when they are not using them.
Equipment: soldering irons, circuit-board prototyping tools, digital multimeters, analog oscilloscope, various power supplies, various electromechanical parts, Arduino kits and sensors. We also have a 3D printer, the Reprap Huxley, which prints objects up to 5” x 5” x 4” in PLA plastic (various colors of plastic can be ordered; contact us if you would like to arrange for this).

For more information please email info@acreresidency.org

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