Exhibitions Program & Policies

ACRE Projects exhibition “Material Bodies” with 2015 residents Rana Siegel, Laura Splan, Zipporah Thompson, and Joshua Wade Smith.

ACRE’s residency model includes an exhibition program based in Chicago. ACRE works hard to provide an opportunity to exhibit work for each of its summer residents at either ACRE Projects or at one of our partner gallery spaces in Chicago and elsewhere.

The exhibitions program pairs residents with talented emerging curators and independent gallery spaces who work with residents to facilitate exhibitions, workshops, experimental lectures, screenings and other unique opportunities to exhibit work.

Exhibitions for 2019 residents begin in January 2020.

Partner galleries and curators will intermittently visit the farm this summer to meet residents in preparation for their artist selection, which will happen in early fall. You will be contacted directly at that point by the curator or partner gallery that has selected you to work with regarding scheduling. We will also have a conversation and information session about the exhibitions program at the residency, but a bit of background is supplied below for those interested in knowing about our program sooner than later.

*Please note that while we work very hard to provide each of our 70+ residents with an opportunity to exhibit work, an exhibition is not guaranteed.


ACRE Exhibitions

Over the past 9 years ACRE Projects and our partner galleries have held over 400 exhibitions for our residents. We feel strongly about facilitating an opportunity to extend the residency experience through exhibitions and programming throughout the year.

In 2015, ACRE moved to a new gallery space that features a much larger gallery as well as a space for other types of programming such as screenings, performances, and lectures. This new gallery will allow us to offer a more dynamic range of exhibition opportunities for the diverse practices of our residents.

Like the residency itself ACRE’s exhibitions program is designed to help artists develop, present, and discuss their practices by providing a forum for idea exchange, interdisciplinary collaboration, and experimental projects. As such we consider programming such as screenings, lectures, and workshops as possible opportunities to exhibit work at ACRE Projects.

For the 2020 exhibition program ACRE has selected 6 curatorial fellows, who will in turn each select 2 groupings of 3-5 artists for exhibitions at ACRE Projects, and work with those individuals for whom a screening, lecture, or other specific single night event is appropriate. Our goal is to not only provide a professional exhibition experience for our residents, but to continue the collaborative, experimental, and community focused spirit of the summer residency.

*ACRE’s staff, and our curatorial fellows are volunteers and many of the galleries we work with are volunteer-run or non­-commercial. As such, the curators and gallerists working with each of our artists are donating their time and resources to provide an exhibition opportunity. We hope that you’ll understand that because of this we cannot guarantee an exhibition to each ACRE artist. Though rare, we have encountered situations where exhibitions had to be cancelled or re­scheduled due to unforeseen circumstances. This includes circumstances like galleries shutting down due to a loss of their space, or overall changes to a gallery’s program that could not accommodate our shows. We will try our hardest to accommodate everyone, but we ask that you are flexible and understanding if your show needs to be re­scheduled or ultimately must be cancelled.

We also want to note that you are not required to to do an exhibition or program with us. We understand, given our tight budget and inability to help with material or travel costs, that it may not be feasible for you to participate, especially if those things will compromise your work or vision. We can discuss other ways to approach the post-residency support component which can include publications or online/digital platforms or possibly sponsoring an exhibition wherever you are located. Please feel free to talk to us about options and your needs.


ACRE Projects

Click here for more info about our current Curatorial Board and Partner Galleries

ACRE Projects exhibition “Naturally, Curious” with 2014 Residents Christopher Ottinger, Andy Kincaid & Dominique Haller
For those showing at ACRE Projects:

If you have been selected to work with one the curatorial fellows you will be exhibiting at ACRE Projects in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. The curator who has selected you will be contacting you directly to work out scheduling your show and letting you know the other artist(s) you have been paired with.

Curators will be responsible for initiating communication regarding your show including scheduling. They will likely set up a studio visit with you or communicate with you about the work you will include in the show. Curators are also responsible for writing a show statement and titling the show, gathering materials for a press release, putting together a price list and coordinating and helping with install and de-install of the show.

You will be responsible for communicating with your curator, providing material for the press release to your curator and installing and de-installing the show (gallery must be restored to the condition it was found).

For those showing with Partner Galleries:

If you have been selected to work with one of our partner galleries, they will be contacting you directly. Each gallery works with ACRE artists on a case-by-case basis, based on their own programming. For example, some galleries strictly only organize group shows, so they will put together a group show with a number of ACRE artists. Other galleries may prefer to offer solo or duo shows, may pair an ACRE artist with another artist, or may offer other sorts of opportunities. Gallerists should make it clear to you how much they want to be involved  in terms of curating, how install works, how long the show will be up, etc. Feel free to ask them if they haven’t made it clear or talk to us. You may be expected to write your own or collaborate on a show statement. ACRE is happy to help facilitate between artist and gallery if needed. We can also help with printed materials, such as wall labels, a press release, and title list. Just let us know.

2015 Residents Kiam Marcelo Junio, Luis Mejico, Amina Ross, and Maryam Taghavi performance at Links Hall


2014 Residents Kera Mackenze and Andrew Mausert-Mooney at Roman Susan

*ACRE works to provide an exhibition opportunity for each artist that attends the residency program. However, because we rely on volunteer work and the donation of time and space from our partner galleries and curators, we cannot guarantee that each resident will be included in a show. If a scheduled show is canceled, we will try to find an alternative venue or opportunity, but we can not guarantee that we will be able to re-schedule the show.