Sound Studio


The recording studio was improved-upon in 2011, moving to a new space and taking on a full-time engineer to assist artists and musicians with their recording needs. ACRE provides not only recording equipment and computers, but many instruments as well. Recording hours in the studio are available for anyone to sign up for, and are facilitated by an engineer. We are excited to work with musicians, sound artists, and anyone looking to learn or dabble with sound and music.


Mixing Consoles
Ramsa WR-8118
Studiomaster 16-4-2 (at stage)
Yamaha MG 102C
Behringer Xenyx802

Recording Platforms
Ableton Live 9 Studio
Apple Logic

Audio Interfaces
Presonus Firestudio 10×10
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

Handheld Recorders
Tascam DR-40 Linear PCM Recorder
Zoom H2n x 2

Shure SM57 x 2
Shure SM7 B
Alesis AM3 USB Mic
Samson R21 x 3
Samson CO1 Condenser Pair
Audio Technica AT4033a
Blue EN-Core 100 x 2

Roland Super JX-10 Synthesizer
Ensoniq ESQ-1 Synthesizer
– Waveforms x 2
– Toolbox
– Filter
– Low Pass Gate x 2
– Crush
– Analog Replicator
– Midi to CV
– Lifeforms
– LFO 2
– Mix Multi
– Envelope
– Dual VCA
Korg SQ-1 CV Sequencer
Casio SK-1
Casio PT-10
Casio PT-12
Alesis Q25 Midi-Board
Oxygen 8 Midi Board
Akai APC40

Acoustic Instruments
4 Piece Drumkit
Marshall MG10CD Amplifier

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