Residency Programming


Each year ACRE invites mid-career and established artists and thinkers to come visit and conduct studio visits, give lectures, and offer various unique workshops.

Visiting Artists lead excursions into neighboring areas, stage participatory performances, and offer other, more experimental programming.

There are 3-4 visiting artists, critics, and curators on the property at a given time, lending the benefit of their experience and feedback to residents and often working on projects of their own.

Check your session page to see who will be attending as a Visiting Artist during your session.

Studio Visits

Visiting Artists will be offering studio visits during their stay at the residency.

Upon each Visiting Artist’s arrival a Studio Visit Sign-up Sheet will be posted and we will announce at dinner when you may sign up.

To sign up, you must choose from the times each artist lists on their sign-up sheet and give the location of your studio or where you would like to meet. Studio visits typically last at least 1 hour.

Each Visiting Artist will be available for a limited number of studio visits. As such, each resident will not be able to sign up for a studio visit with every Visiting Artist. Residents should expect to be able to sign up for 3-4 studio visits during their session and should plan accordingly.

We ask that residents be aware of the number of studio visits they are signing up for to allow for others to have an opportunity.

If you are unable to sign up for a visit with someone you are really hoping to meet with, you can talk to the Programming Coordinator to see if there will be any additional visits available. There will be opportunities outside of a formal studio visit to meet and engage with the Visiting Artists at meals and campfires.

Please keep in mind that Visiting Artists are only being compensated through a travel reimbursement and are donating their time to be at the residency.


Visitors, residents and staff also share skills with each other via informal workshops. These have included workshops on how to make unusual meals, craft digitally-infused fiber work, or use various softwares. Each facility usually offers an introductory or specialty workshop as well.

Residents and staff sometimes organize reading groups, field trips, or critiques to supplement Visiting Artist-led programming and studio visits.

At the beginning of each session we will provide you with a programming calendar. Residents are encouraged to propose additional programming as well.