Sleeping Accommodations

bedroom room-layouts2

**2021: Most rooms on campus will be single occupancy to comply with our COVID-19 safety protocol. However, if you are a couple or collaboration we ask that you share a room. Alternatively, if you have a close personal relationship with another incoming resident and you are willing to work with that person to “become a pod” in order to safely share a room during your stay at ACRE please indicate that in your intake form or reach out to**

Most residents will be bunking in the main lodge. Lodge rooms are each 2 stories and sleep 3-4 people. Each room also has its own bathroom and kitchenette and access to a porch. Residents coming as a couple may stay in small private apartments just across the way from the main lodge. All residents are asked to bring their own sheets and bedding. Bed sizes can vary, but we won’t know what size bed you will be assigned until you get there, so we recommend bringing flat or queen sheets to ensure they will fit any bed. For those coming from afar who may not have space to pack bedding, we can provide spare bedding that we have. You may want to contact us in advance to reserve bedding as it is limited.

For more information please email

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