Session 3

July 14 – 27

We’ve posted below all accepted Session 3 residents. This list may change as accepted applicants turn us down and waitlisted applicants confirm their participation. We’ve also posted some of the visiting artists that will be coming out while you’re there! This will be updated as more visitors are confirmed.

In the near future, we’ll send out an email to your entire cohort, after which we encourage you to “reply all” to everyone in order to:

1. Post carpool availability and need

2. Talk about skills and materials that you might be able to share with fellow residents

3. Describe projects that you’ll be working on to find collaborators, invite critique, ask for technical advice, etc.

Check each other out! You’ve all been admitted after an extremely competitive admissions period! Over 700 applicants sought these slots! Congratulations!


Bokeum Jeon
Cielo Saucedo
Briana Lizárraga
James Welch
Jacob Raeder
Layla Marcelle
Lucia Garzon
Margot Becker
Sophia Haid
Zachary Epcar
Brent Nakamoto
Laura Gibson
Maria Varona
Nate King
Rachel Cohn


Chelsea Flowers
Farah Salem
Liz Ferrer
John Kyle Cronan
Hannah Bates
Alli Logout
Juicebox Burton
Zule Alejandro
Etta Sandry
Allison Cekala
Lindsay French
Willy Smart
Kristi McGuire
Josh Rios
Olivia Wolfe

For more information please email

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