You must make your first payment of half your residency fee by May 1, 2021 to hold your spot. No refunds will be offered after April 15, 2021.

Payment plans are available February through June 2021. Billing begins February 15 and you are automatically billed on the 15th of each month until payment is complete. No refunds are offered after April 15, 2021

1st installment: 
2nd installment: 

Wait List Deadlines: *these dates will change depending on the time of your acceptance.

1st installment: 
2nd installment:

Those who do not pay their 1st installment by the deadline will forfeit their slots to applicants on the wait list. Your first installment is non-refundable, as we may not be able to fill your spot if you decline at the last minute. We are unable to grant deferrals at this time.

Residency Fee Amount

1 Session = $700

Half Scholarship = $350

*Please note that residents who have who applied as collectives are each required to pay a residency fee. Residency fees go toward room and board for each individual.


You will then receive an invoice for the first payment via Quickbooks Invoicing

Check (or ACH Payment through our online system)



You can also search for us and pay directly to username: ACRE Residency, email address:


If you opt to use PayPal, you will receive instructions for paying via “friends and family.”

Log in to PayPal and select “send money.” For some, you will see the option ‘Send To Friends And Family In The US.’ You will need to enter the amount you owe and send to For some, you will need to enter first and then the next page will say “Sending to a friend” or “Paying for an item or service.” There will be a button that says “change.” Make sure to change that selection to “Sending to a friend.”

If you opt to use PayPal and do not send via “friends and family” we will invoice you for the transaction fee that PayPal charges (approximately 3%).


If you would prefer to pay with a check you can send it to the address below. We require that it is postmarked by May 20/June 15 and that you mail it through FedEx or UPS and send us a tracking number, as we have experienced some trouble with the Chicago postal system. If you’re in Chicago, you can drop off checks in our mailbox or contact us to arrange a time to drop-off. 

PO Box 8184
Chicago, IL, 60608


At this time we have awarded all the financial aid that we have to offer. There is the possibility that a scholarship recipient will turn down their residency, therefor opening up financial aid for another resident. We will let you know as soon as possible if this is the case. Aid is awarded based on financial need statements and review scores.

This year ACRE is able to offer some amount of aid to 40% of incoming residents. We hope to offer residencies at no cost in the future, and we are always working to raise money for scholarships and opportunities to lower costs for the residents as we work toward that goal. Residency and application fees go to covering approximately 60% of the cost of the program including facility rent, food and supplies. ACRE fundraisers throughout the year cover the remaining 40%.


**COVID-19 Payment plans are outlined in your intake form and confirmation email.**

If you would like to arrange an alternative payment plan, we can split the fee into 4 payments of $175. Please contact us directly to arrange an alternative payment plan. Payment plans must be made through ACH transfer via our online invoicing system.


ACRE strives to ultimately invite all residents to our program free of charge, though at the present moment we are unable to award financial aid to all accepted residents. Here you can find some additional resources outside of our organization that accepted artists may be able to use to help fund their ACRE residency.

Institutional Help

If you are currently enrolled in school, contact your advisor. There may be funds available through your program or department to attend “professional development” workshops or artists residencies such as ACRE. Some schools will even provide funding for alumni. Please let us know if we can provide additional support or documentation of your acceptance by emailing


Fractured Atlas also supports artists doing their own fundraising through fiscal sponsorship.

Grant Opportunities

In addition to your state, county or other local opportunities, there are various small project grants available across the United States.

The Awesome Foundation is awesome because it uses rolling deadlines and numerous small grants to make an impact on the lives of young artists. There are many chapters across the US and Canada:

Some grants are available for unexpected opportunities, such as residencies, often with a quick turn-around such as:

The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts has a number of small grants for individuals that are part of their Regional Regranting Program:

In addition to these general grants, you may be eligible for specific geographical or culturally based grants that support individual artists. Below are resources for helping you find funding opportunities:

Other grants for Individual Artists for project support

For more information please email

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