The ACRE Residency takes place at the Mother Earth Green Center and Steuben Lodge in Steuben, WI, which is about 2 hours west of Madison.

Mother Earth Green Center and Steuben Lodge (search this on google maps, not the address)

48193 County Rd E
Steuben, WI

PHONE: 608.476.2331
(call if you’re lost!)

There are plenty of ways of getting to the property, listed below are some options. We will be sending out an email in early June to each session to help coordinate sharing rides. So be prepared to respond to that email and let each other know if you have space in your car or if you are looking for a ride. You may even consider getting a group together to rent a car.

All driving directions will take you through at least an hour or more of open farm land. You will most likely have spotty or no cell reception once you leave Madison or a similar large city or town. Roads are winding with many turns and hills to traverse. Depending on your direction of travel you may pass through several small towns. We have observed speed traps over the years, be aware that speed limits are 25 mph in all towns in the area.


Please check here for information on Arrival and Departure.



If you use Google Maps, be sure to search for “Mother Earth Green Center and Steuben Lodge” as opposed to the address. Google gets confused about the address.

From Chicago/Milwaukee
Take I-90/94 W towards Wisconsin
Continue on to I-90 W (please note this is a toll road)
Take exit 142A to merge onto US-12 W/US-18 W toward Madison.
After Madison take US-151 S/18 W. Continue on US-18 W
Then take a right onto US-61 North.You’ll pass over the Wisconsin river and come to a deadend.
Make a left on WI-60 W.
Make a quick right onto County Rd E.
Look for the Lodge with an ACRE flag on the left hand side.

*please note that google maps may tell you something slightly different, however, we have found in our own travels to the farm that the above directions are the least confusing.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 9.33.38 PM




If you are unable to get in on a carpool or drive directly to the farm and must take a bus or plane, we provide shuttles to and from the Madison Airport and Bus Stations.

On the first day of each session a shuttle will be leaving from Madison at 1pm.

Please plan to arrive at a time that you can take advantage of the shuttle. You must arrive at ACRE by 3pm on the first day of the sessions.

As soon as you have booked your flight or bus let us know your arrival time and location.

We will contact you the night before you arrive to let you know which staff member to expect to pick you up along with their phone number.


Shuttles will depart from ACRE to Madison at 9:30am and 2pm on the last day of each session. Again, please book your departure in accordance with shuttle times. It takes 2 hours to drive from ACRE to Madison. Also note that towards the end of the session staff will help coordinate car pools and often there is plenty of space to get rides rather than have to take the bus. You may consider holding off on booking your return bus since ticket prices don’t tend to rise too high for last minute purchases. If you do know your departure time and location, let us know so that if we need to schedule an additional shuttle we can, based on your departure times.

We ask for a $30 shuttle fee from anyone needing to be picked up or dropped off later than 5pm, or on a day other than the first or last day of the session.



The following bus companies stop in Madison, WI

MegaBus (Please choose to be dropped off at the Dutch Mill Park and Ride – 46 Collins Court)
GreyHound (Please choose to be dropped off at the Phillips 66 – 4 Collins Court)
Van Galder



There are a few options here: you can  fly into one of Chicago’s Airports (ORD,MDW), Milwaukee (MKE) OR Madison (MSN). It appears that flying into Chicago or Milwaukee is the cheapest option. We will only make pick-ups in Madison however, so if you do decide to fly to Chicago or Milwaukee you will have to find further transportation to Madison. Carpooling with other residents is highly suggested. Also, the Van Galder bus to Madison leaves from both O’Hare and Midway, and Greyhound and Megabus leave from downtown Chicago.

For more information please email

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