Screen Print Studio


Built in the summer of 2011, ACRE’s screen-printing studio contains a dark room, exposure unit, vacuum table, dozens of screens, drying equipment, and more. Staffed by an experienced screen printer at all times, the lab provides inks, emulsions, transparency, and other supplies to offer free to any resident that wishes to use them. Residents who plan on using the screen-printing studio are encouraged to bring their own paper, fabric or material to print on, inks they know they will specifically want to work with or other specialty supplies. Access to scanners, computers and printers in the shop and other areas of the farm will be provided for creating images to work with. As with other facilities, there are built-in training sessions for anyone who might be new or rusty to the basics of the process.

List of recommended items residents should bring (these are all things we have in limited quantity but residents should bring their own if they want to get serious)

  • specialty papers
  • containers (clear, round, resealable) – round pint deli containers are the best
  • mylar/acetate or tracing paper
  • portfolio or cardboard folder for print storage
  • masking tape
  • drawing tools (pencils, pens, markers, brushes)
  • cutting tools (blades, scissors)
  • safety/cleanliness gear

For more information please email

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