Important Info


Unfortunately due to our insurance policy and rental agreement we cannot allow anyone under the age of 18 on the property during the residency. This includes children of residents and visitors. Also, at this time there are no pets allowed at the residency. Due to the presence of other animals (cats and dogs) and to the liability they represent, we ask that you please leave your beloved furry friends at home.

ACRE’s policy regarding visitors does not allow for anyone who has not been accepted as a resident or is staff or an invited visitor to spend the night on the property. Visitors may be allowed to visit during the day with permission from staff requested in advance.

Firearms are absolutely prohibited on the residency property.

We ask that you observe quiet hours in the sleeping quarters from 12midnight – 7am. There are plenty of other places that you can hang out or work at on the property during this time. With the majority of residents and staff sleeping in this building, it is crucial that we keep the environment calm and quiet at night to accommodate everyone’s sleeping needs.

We encourage you to bring your bike if you can, as it’ll help you get around the property and over to Steuben, if you need to go. We will also have a number of bikes for you to share. We can help arrange transportation to nearby towns and attractions.

The property is scattered with creeks and springs. The water coming directly from the ground here is actually certified potable water. On site is a small pond sometimes stocked with trout. If you are interested in fishing here please come talk to us first. Additionally very close by is the Kickapoo River and a bit further, the Wisconsin and Mississippi Rivers. In town you can purchase a fishing license for rather cheap. The Kickapoo has a few spots nearby that are ideal for swimming and tubingAny water activities off-site are at your own risk. 

Please keep in mind that with the summer in Wisconsin comes wildlife and insects. This year in particular mosquitos and ticks are expected to be bad. We encourage you to bring your own bug spray, though we will also have some on hand. We encourage everyone to check themselves for ticks regularly. Staff is trained in the proper removal of ticks and can help if you find one. Antibiotics are now available to combat the onset of Lyme disease if detected early enough. Lyme disease is spread by a certain kind of tick- deer ticks. If needed we can get you to a medical professional nearby for treatment. Typical wildlife in the area includes hawks, eagles, cranes, deer, coyotes, beaver and rabbits. Bats are known to be in the area and often enter the lodge building. There is little to no risk of catching rabies from the bats, however, their feces can be toxic especially to pregnant women. If you find that a bat is leaving guano in your room, let a staff member know and we will help to remove the bat.

We will be sharing space with Bob and Rosa, the property owners. The farm is home to their large collection of miscellaneous furniture, knick knacks, salvaged material, and other items. For the most part we urge a “look, but don’t touch” policy when it comes to the rooms used as storage and materials scattered around the property. However, if you see something that would work perfectly for your art making, come talk to us, we may be able to help you make use of some of these items. In general, we ask that you please respect the property and items/furniture within it. We hope to be able to come back to the Steuben Lodge for many years to come.

Cell phone reception is spotty and unreliable on the premises. A landline is available for emergencies. There are nearby hills where reception is better if you need to make phone calls. Many find it is most convenient to set up online calls or trips to the nearest town with loved ones and others they need to get in touch with.

Wireless Internet is available in some parts of the property including the library, a/v lab and kitchen. However, please note that as we are located in a very rural area, internet can be slow and spotty at times, especially when being heavily used. There may be times when it is not working at all. We encourage residents to turn off their cell phones or switch to airplane mode when they are not using them.

Many work spaces and facilities are partially or fully outdoors. Please be prepared for both hot and cool weather. Nights can drop as low as 50 degrees and days can get as high as in the 90s. Rain jackets and rain boots are highly recommended.

For more information please email

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