Welcome to the ACRE community!

2021 Residents:

This Blog holds useful information about ACRE pre-pandemic, much of which is still relevant (what to bring, how to travel, BUGs, etc.).

Please refer to our General FAQ and our On Site Agreements for the most up-to-date information about your residency for Summer 2021, dates, and information about gather in the time of COVID-19.


We are very excited about working with all of you this summer and beyond! This blog will act as your introduction to the program and to your fellow residents. We hope you will use this page to post about the projects you will be undertaking as well as offer feedback to others.

Please take a look at the other pages to learn more about travel, payment, and what to expect. Feel free to post questions on the blog as it may be helpful to others who may have similar concerns.

Make sure to visit the IMPORTANT INFO page and WHAT TO BRING page so you can be well prepared for your stay.

Another resource is ACREresidency.org where you can check out our schedule of openings and events! If you are or will be in Chicago, stop by! We’ll be around at each of them, and we’d love to talk with you in person about any questions you might have.

As always, of course,  you can reach us virtually at info@acreresidency.org.

We can’t wait! This summer is going to be transcendent!

For more information please email info@acreresidency.org

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